Looking for a conference organiser or event production company that does more than just find you a venue or put up staging and lighting? Then you’ve come to the right place.

At Clive, we specialise in producing engaging conferences that help companies talk to audiences in a way that ensures brand messages are not just heard and understood, but also remembered and acted upon.

Our approach to producing conferences is about live communication not just event management and production.

That means we’ll be Constantly Inquisitive when helping you develop your event brief so that we get to understand your businesses, your challenges and your message. It also means that we’ll always be creative and devise experiential ideas that weave that message throughout every element of your conference.

Our team of Producers, Event Managers, Designers, Developers and Venue Finders are based in London and Aberdeen but deliver conferences across the UK and internationally too. We work with brands like Virgin Media, Pinterest, Facebook, BP and many more to produce conferences that inspire audiences and deliver real results.

We know that a staff conference is a unique chance to engage employees and bring internal communications messages to life. We help deliver live events that motivate and engage your people, giving them face time with senior leaders.

Likewise, with client events, we treat your conference as a chance to build relationships with your customers and create brand advocates.

Our in-house AV Production team comes with experience in the land of theatre and TV, as well as the best of the corporate world. We maximise theatre and drama to ensure your messages make a real impact. We’ve used holograms, special effects, performance and even magic to deliver content at conferences.

At Clive we make sure your delegates don’t suffer from ‘death by PowerPoint’, so we’re always coming up with new and unique ways to bring content to life in experiential ways.

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Virgin Media Game Changers Conference Event
Virgin Media Game Changers Conference Event

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