Inspiration Station Vol. 9 - Clive | Experiential Events Agency

The Inspiration Station is our outlet for sharing the very best new venues, technologies, products and experiences with you. Step this way and enter Clive’s immersive virtual tour of the quirkiest, most creative new experiences, tech, gadgets and venues in the world right now.

Venues & Destinations

art’otel, Battersea

Nothing excites us more than landmark London locations being brought back to life.  So naturally, we’re stoked to see plans progressing for the redevelopment of Battersea Power Station – a key feature on the city’s skyline.

As part of the £8billion regeneration, a contemporary new art’otel is planned in one of the new buildings set around the historic Grade II listed power station.  The 160-bedroom lifestyle hotel will boast a rooftop infinity pool and bar, a signature restaurant with bar and a gallery. Pool party, anyone?

With a powerful combination of world-class art from some of the world’s most exciting artists, art’otel redefines the traditional hotel experience.  At the brand’s heart lies the art itself. The art’otel Berlin features collections from Andy Warhol. We’re already placing bets on who the London artist will be. Perhaps Tracey Emin’s famed Turner Prize Nominated Bed could be recreated for the lobby of the hotel?

Barcelona Edition Hotel

EDITION Hotels is the new generation of hotel brand luxury – conceived by Ian Schrager in a partnership with Marriott International. Each hotel has a rare individuality, authenticity, originality and unique ethos, which reflects the best of the cultural and social fabric of its location.

Opening in 2017, The Barcelona EDITION will be the brand’s third hotel in Europe, following on from the highly popular, London EDITION and Istanbul EDITION. Located in the Ciutat Vella district, close to the Cathedral of Barcelona and just 15 minutes from the beach, this luxury-lifestyle hotel will have 100 bedrooms as well as three restaurants and a stunning rooftop bar.

Each hotel has a rare individuality, authenticity, originality and unique ethos, which reflects the best of the cultural and social fabric of its location.

The Courthouse Hotel

The Courthouse Hotel brings five-star luxury to Shoreditch, transforming a Grade II listed Baroque styled building.

Keeping many of its historical features such as exposed brickwork, there are plenty of quirky twists, with artwork including Mona Lisa behind bars!

This must-see hotel opens in early May and boasts 128 bedrooms, 10 event spaces, a 196-seat screening room, a two-lane bowling alley, spa, swimming pool and fitness centre. There’s three bars, including a great rooftop bar; enjoy a cocktail while sitting in an old prison cell that’s been converted into a private booths.

Tech & Gadgets

Virtuix Omni

Step into the world of virtual reality quite literally with this Virtuix motion platform. Walk, run, sit or jump and feel fully immersed in an augmented 360 degree world.

While VR headsets are fairly limited in that you cannot move around, with this VR treadmill the possibilities are endless. Put on your Omni footwear, clip into the harness, put on your headset and then you’re ready to enter a world of pure imagination.

The immersive platform is compatible with leading VR headsets and content so can also be used for gaming or different applications like virtual tourism. Available for pre-order now for around $700 – we’re seriously considering getting one for the office!

LG Roll up TV

LG announced that they will be bringing out a Roll up Television at mega Las Vegas tech show, CES at the beginning of the year. The OLED display is just 0.18mm thin and 18 inches from corner to corner but there are plans to increase screen widths to 55-inch screens and beyond.

The advantages speak for themselves, who wouldn’t love to be able to roll up a TV like a poster? This beauty would work well for signage at events and could even be used as a digital newspaper.

Slot Machine Photo Booth

We love a bit of photo booth action and this Social Slot Machine is a fun way to get guests posting pics with your hashtag at your event.

It works like this; three boxes appear on the screen, just like a slot machine. Once you have used the dedicated hashtag, you’re placed in line to play. The pictures spin and you need it to stop on three matching pictures in order to win.

Social Slot Machine is a fun way to get guests posting pics with your hashtag at your event.

The CUBE – Colour Copier

Here’s one for the design geeks. With CUBE you can capture any colour from any surface with just one click. Once the colour has been captured you will able to see its raw values including RGB and CMYK. The CUBE syncs with your smartphone and enables you to store, favourite and share your colours. You can also use it with Photoshop and import all of your saved colours.

The portable colour digitiser is available for $179 with free standard shipping available worldwide.


Reebok Running Campaign

We love this campaign by Reebok, which took place in Stockholm in February. They placed an advertisement outside which was equipped with a built-in speed camera and tracking technology which can measure a runner’s pace. Members of the public had the opportunity to sprint as fast as they could past the advert and if anyone ran faster than 17 kilometres per hour, this unlocked a pair of brand new ZPump 2.0 trainers. This is experiential marketing perfection in action.

Edible Cinema

Soho House and Teatime Production have teamed up to create ‘Edible Cinema’, which has us simply salivating with anticipation. It’s a completely unique way to experience a movie through the use of smells, tastes and textures, which are tailored to specific moments in the film.

So it works like this; each guest is supplied with a tray of mystery boxes which are numbered. At certain points throughout the film, a number will appear either side of the screen to indicate which box to open. You then have to eat/drink/touch/smell the item enabling guests to feel more involved in the movie.

You can currently view the production of Charlie and The Chocolate Factory, which is running at The Science Museum. Two guesses what the main ingredient of that show will be?

Summerland Live

Winter in London can be a bit grim but there’s a new tropical paradise concept looking to change that!

Deborah Armstrong, the woman behind Glastonbury’s Shangri La installation, is set to create Summerland Live, an immersive summer festival that takes place in the middle of winter. Guests arrive through a ‘teleporter’ and are asked to leave their mobile phones, money and winter clothes at the door.

Built like a Hollywood film set, featuring jungle landscaping, rock walls, hot tubs, a 40-foot waterfall and a swimming lagoon – what more could you want? Summerland Live will host up to four shows per day, hosting up to 3,000 guests for a four-hour tropical adventure.

Other Cool Stuff

Vicky’s Donuts

Set up just a year ago, Vicky’s Donuts is a Hackney bakery that can provide custom donuts to spell out any message you wish. Whether it’s sending a thank you or happy birthday or brand message, these donuts are sure to impress.

Delivery is available in London and these are a great option for a client gifts or to add some stand out to your event catering.

Edible Water

This edible water bottle is causing a splash this month. Doing what it says on er, the bottle, basically this is an edible alternative to plastic. Made from calcium chloride and a seaweed derivative, sodium alginate, it’s called Ooho and is described as “water you can eat”.  Biodegradable and super hygienic, it only costs 1p to make. It’s safe to say, we can’t wait to bring this concept to events!

Portable Desk

Everyone knows spending long hours sitting at your desk isn’t good for you and we’re starting to an influx of standing desks. Experts say using a standing desk will mean you’ll have more energy and you’ll be more productive, aiding collaboration and engagement.

Refold has created a cardboard design that factors in workforce mobility and environmental awareness. Weighing just 6.5 kilograms, they are much stronger than you think, with the capability to hold 85kg. There are three different sizes available – all are made from four main parts which are very easy to assemble. Refold’s design adds a new dimension to hot desking and fluid workspaces.

Nike Self-Tying Trainers

We’ve been waiting for a pair of self-tying trainers ever since Marty McFly’s Back to the Future kicks set our imagination wild. Now, the tech has finally arrived. The HyperAdapt 1.0 trainers by Nike are the first of their kind with “sport-informed adaptive lacing”. When you put your feet inside the shoe, the system inside will sense this and tighten automatically. You’ll never have to worry about your laces coming untied again!