When it comes to attracting, retaining and driving success from your staff, the best businesses know that motivation is the name of the game. Rackspace tasked us with designing and delivering eight incentive programmes over the past two years to drive sales and employee engagement. And that’s just what we did…

With a wealth of experience in designing and delivering employee engagement schemes, we’ve learned first-hand that against a backdrop of high sales targets, incentives play a vital role.

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Clive’s incentive travel solution sought to build on this sense of community by creating a platform to recognise and reward the company’s top performing sales people.

Rackspace, an innovative Cloud/online hosting company has won a plethora of awards for its commitment to its staff and it’s clear to see why. Their employees (known as Rackers) are more than just a team; they’re a family, motivated by a common goal; working together to grow and expand the business.

Over the last two years, we’ve designed and delivered four incredible incentive trips for Rackspace’s top sales people each year. From European destinations, such as Edinburgh, Sweden and Amsterdam to further flung locations including Lapland, Lisbon, Croatia and New York, the trips have all delivered unique, one of a kind experiences that truly reward staff for their vital contribution to the business.

The result? Happy, motivated staff that buy into the company’s mission and values.

Don’t take our word for it – this is what the client has to say…

“At Rackspace, we believe in recognising the talent and hard work of our Rackers. Clive help us take this recognition a step further and truly WOW Rackers by sourcing the best activities at some of the world’s greatest locations like New York and Iceland.

As you can imagine, organising such a trip every quarter can be time consuming but working with Clive makes the process painless and they’re also able to negotiate good rates for us.

In the office, the Rackstar holidays are infamous and the benefit our Rackers get from them is immeasurable – the team bonding and boost to team morale all contribute to our company performance”

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