When is a conference not a conference? When it’s ‘Driving Our Future Live’. Clive put some much-needed excitement into this traditional corporate occasion and once we’d grabbed delegates’ attention, we didn’t let go.

VWFS Experiential Conference

We began by stripping back the age-old conference format by re-imagining the occasion with an opening plenary that lasted just 15 minutes. We then invited guests to exit via the back of the stage to explore a series of experiential zones where content delivery was all about interactivity and discovery.

Three engagement areas brought customer service to life: Home, Office and Showroom. Then we brought in actors, pros and mock-ups to deliver the automotive company’s key messages without a PowerPoint in sight. We even turned a Lamborghini into a notepad using a special clear film – it doesn’t get much more hands-on than that.

When it comes to individual engagement, Clive believes that smaller groups are key, so we split the company’s delegates into two groups of 200 originally. And then down even further to groups of 65 for the immersive & experiential zones, enabling everyone the opportunity to experience an interactive tour of their customer’s day.

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